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The problem of ‘objectification’ lies in the Chinese translation rather than the term itself. Instead of “物化“, “客体化” can be a better alternative. The connotations of the two words in Chinese are utterly different. How can they be termed together or used interchangeably? Also, I guess a linguist’s understanding of “object” and “objectification” would be much more dynamic and inspiring. In this regard, I guess, many problems of theory’s dissemination through Chinese come from inappropriate translation rather than the theories themselves. The intended manipulation of Maxist concepts are classical examples, of which “物化” is a typical one.


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Based on the readings we collected so far, I propose to summarize the process of sexualization briefly as follows:


Private & domestic -> make p & d partially visible -> more personal,more human, softer -> intro sex/ sexual activity into the public inhititedly: men only, and concealed from general public view ( only found in limited media forms) -> invasion of sex into various media -> pervasive and abundant in media: not only representational, but more active, and even interactive (e.g. cybersex)

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This China’s Me generation is an interesting article fromTime. I’m just curious: Are we? or not?

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